How To Purchase

Retailer Near You:

While we are a small handcrafted tile company, we do offer a select few retailers throughout the US. Please call or e-mail us with your location, and we will happily direct you to a retailer in your area if available. Each of our authorized retailers offers a full selection of display boards, color palettes and sample pieces, along with a knowledgeable staff to assist you with design, pricing, and ordering.

No Retailer Near You:

For areas where we do not have an established retailer, we would be happy to assist you directly with your project. We have a team of artists, as well as an in-house interior designer that is always available for ideas and suggestions to help you create the perfect design for your space. Our tiles are extremely durable, so they can be safely and easily shipped anywhere in the world.
* Since all of our designs can be fully customized, we do not offer an online ordering option, however we would be happy to assist you with your project via phone or e-mail!

Wet Dog Tile Business Hours:

Monday - Friday
9 am - 5 pm EST

phone 1-603-835-8099
location 828 Forest Road, Alstead, NH 03602*
*please note this is our studio/production facility only - we do not have a retail location at this address*

A Basic Overview of What We Do:

  • Our designs consist of our free-form decorative tiles, we call “Friends”, which are hand-pressed stoneware clay, that have been glazed and fired using our artisan glazes. We then combine these “Friends” with a selection of pebbles, glass, stone, and a variety of glazed mosaics to create unique mesh- mounted designs suitable for a wide variety of applications, including floors, walls, and all wet areas.
  • All of our borders and murals are adhered to a fiberglass mesh backing, and are shipped un-grouted (to be selected and applied on site). Additional details available in our Installation Instructions.
  • “Friends” can be purchased separately, however none of our mosaic “Textures” are available for individual sale.
  • Check out our About Us page for some history on Wet Dog Tile Co. and additional info about how your purchase will help animals in need!

Applications and Durability:

  • Rated for floors and walls (residential and light commercial)
  • Suitable for all wet areas (offers great slip resistance for shower floors)
  • Frost resistant for use outdoors (even up here in frigid NH!)
  • Impervious to heat - for use above cooktops and on fireplaces
  • Made from extremely durable stoneware clay
  • High quality, lead free glazes, fired to 2300˚

How It All Works: The Process

Pre-Designed Murals:

  • We offer a selection of 18”x18” pre-designed compositions to accentuate your space. However, if you need a different size, colors aren’t quite right, or you would like to adjust the selection of decorative “Friends” used; no problem - See below for more info on custom designs.

Pre-Designed Borders:

  • All of our borders are laid out to full lengths per request (5 linear foot minimum - Quick Ship borders have a 10 linear foot minimum), then cut up into interlocking sections, so you won't see any seams or repeating patterns like with pre-made borders. This also allows us to wrap any inside or outside corners as needed, so there won’t be any cutting or alterations required on site (your installer will love you!)

Custom Designs:

  • While one of our pre-designed border or mural options may work great for your project, nine times out of ten, we are altering the size, colors, or layout to best suit your space, and this is where you can really have some fun! Just let us know your ideas or any requests you have regarding layout and which “Friends” you would like included in your design. Our Photos & Ideas page on our website is a great resource for inspiration and to see some of the possibilities. Feel free to send photos of your space, along with measurements, and any other selections you have made (ie countertops, cabinets, surrounding tile, etc.). We will offer suggestions and be able to provide a quote for your project.
  • Once you are ready to proceed with the design process, we will ask for a -50% deposit at which point our artists will create a scaled concept drawing showing the suggested layout prior to production. Then once the concept drawing is approved, we will glaze all of the "Friends" and mosaics needed for your design, and after they come out of the kiln, we start on the actual layout. Once the layout is complete, but prior to gluing to the mesh-backing, we will also send a dry-lay photo for final approval which gives another opportunity to make requests for alterations prior to completion. Although this sounds like a lot of back and forth, it really keeps you involved in the design process and ensures you will love the final result.
  • All of our mosaic designs are laid out to the full size needed, then cut up into interlocking sections for ease of shipping and installation. We will account for grout/caulking joints, as well as plan the layout around any obstructions like plumbing pipes, electrical boxes etc. so installation is a breeze! The order will ship with an installation diagram, and your installer won’t need to cut or alter anything on site, they simply adhere the design in place and grout it! (see Installation Instructions for further details and recommended products).


In addition to our online color palettes, we have an assortment of sample options available that can be easily mailed out to aid in the selection process.

  • Sample “Bones” (approx. 2.5” in size) are available in any of our Warm, Cool, or Neutral Glazes for $5 each
  • Swatches of 4-6 pcs. each, are available in the following Mosaic Textures: Skipping Stones, Pebbles, Currents, or Puddles for $5 each
  • 12” mesh mounted sample borders are available at a 30% discount

* Please note, while sample borders are not returnable, sample swatches may be returned for credit toward your final order. This keeps them out of the dumpster at the end of the project, and you only wind up paying the small shipping charge.

Lead Times:

  • Quick Ship: The red flying dog, which you may or may not have noticed from our Collections pages quickship logo, denotes items that are available for quick ship within 3-5 Days (+ applicable transit time)
  • Pre-Designed Borders and Murals: All other “pre-designed” borders and murals shown on our Collection pages are typically a 2-3 week lead time
  • Custom Designs: Please contact us with details on your project for an estimated timeline
  • Individual Friends (colors as shown): Many of our “Individual Friends” are kept in stock in some of the more commonly used colors, but we always suggest that you contact us to confirm availability
  • Custom glazed “Friends”: Custom glazed “Friends”: If specifying a glaze color not in stock, lead time is usually 7-10 Business Days (+ applicable transit time)

Payments and Returns

While some smaller, in stock orders can be paid using credit card, for most orders, we will ask for payments via check. Because we donate a portion of all our sales to animal rescue groups, we would rather have those credit card fees go to a better cause! Don’t worry - we won’t hold up your order waiting for snail mail to arrive. All orders are considered special order and are not returnable.