About Us

Wet Dog Tile Co. offers a diverse collection of free-form decorative tile pieces, called “Friends”, which are the focal points of our one-of-a-kind mesh-mounted borders and murals. Creating these beautiful and unique designs is not our only passion here at Wet Dog. We believe all dogs deserve happy and loving homes, so a portion of every Wet Dog Tile sale is donated to local and national rescue organizations.

Our Mission

dog picture 1 Partnering with local and national animal rescue organizations and shelters, a portion of all Wet Dog Tile's proceeds are donated to help animals in need. When you purchase a design from Wet Dog Tile, every piece from the hand-carved mold to its finely articulated hand glazing is being crafted for the dual purposes of creating a long lasting, one of a kind, functional work of art for your personal or public space, but is also helping to ease or eliminate the suffering of a most deserving animal.

Some of our favorites include:
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Custom: Made Fun and Easy

dog picture 2 We are pleased to offer our selection of mosaic borders and murals in pre-designed colorways as well as custom options, providing endless possibilities that won’t overwhelm. You will find in our color palettes a full selection of artisinal glazes that have been selected to accentuate the textural and dimensional qualities of our tile. By combining multiple textural elements, such as glass “Puddles” and “Currents”, tumbled “Skipping Stones”, natural “Pebbles”, as well as our own glazed “Textures” and "Minis", we are able to create truly unique compositions.

Outside the Box: The Un-Square Advantage

By not conforming to the constraints of a square, the applications for Wet Dog Tile are extensive. A few ideas:

Wet Dog / Green Dog

dog picture 3 We'll be the first to tell you, we're a bunch of hippies over here at Wet Dog. While the “bones” of our company are small, we feel keeping things simple and streamlined allows us to offer high quality products that produce little to no waste along the way. Being environmentally responsible is a high priority for us. We use minimal machinery - preferring a human hand and elbow grease, and the only consumption of fossil fuels is our electric kiln and pug mill which allows us to recycle every bit of clay. Our raw materials are purchased locally, our glazes are always non-toxic and lead free, our glues are no VOC, and we prefer electronic communication for ordering, confirming, and billing to save paper and ink. The list can go on but you get the idea - Wet Dog is a friend of the environment!

Why Create Unique and Beautiful Tile if it Won’t Withstand the Test of Time?